Zoola Short

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Zoola Short

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Same functionality, a little bit shorter outdoor Beads sofa!

The Zoola Short is one of the newer pieces in our collection, so of course we made an outdoor version! As with all Yogibo bags, it completely conforms to your body, eliminating pressure points.
Lightweight and portable, it’s the perfect lounging option for any deck, patio, pool area. The removable cover is durable, water-resistant, UV-safe and machine washable.

  • Body Conforming

    Body Conforming

    The only furniture that completely conforms to your body with zero pressure points.

  • Durable and Water Resistant

    Durable and Water Resistant

    Soft, durable and washable covers. Water resistant and UV protected.

  • Versatile


    Can be used as a chair, a recliner, a kid bed and a love seat.

  • Space Efficient & Light Weight

    Space Efficient & Light Weight

    The Short weighs 14lbs and takes only 3sqft when standing it up.

Product Information

Cover PU Coated Polyester 92% / Spandex 8¼
Inner cover Polyester 87% / Spandex 13¼
Filling EPS Beads
Removing the cover Possible
Height 135cm
Width 60cm
Depth 55cm
Weight 5.0kg
Volume of beads 237L

*Dimensions are a guide only and may vary from product to product.ã€

Care Instructions

  • Do not float your Zoola on water or intentionally pour water on it.
  • Water may seep through the fabric in the area near the zipper.
  • Never use Zoola as a flotation device or pool boat.
  • Only the outer cover is washable.
  • Set the washing machine to Delicate cycle". Wash in cold water only.
  • Do not wash together with any other items.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • As Zoola products have been treated with a water-resistant finish, there is a possibility that if the Spin Cycle is used that this may result in damage to the washing machine. Do NOT use the Spin Cycle.
  • After washing, dry in a clothes dryer on a low temperature setting, or dry flat in a shady place.
  • Do not iron.
  • If your Yogibo loses its shape, top up the inner with the separately sold replenishment beads.
  • The zipper has been removed from the inner zip (safety zipper).
  • When topping up the beads, thread a paperclip or similar through the eyelet at the end of the zipper as a replacement for the zipper pull, and unzip slowly and carefully so that the beads do not spill out.


  • Due to the characteristics of the fabric, perspiration, water, friction, etc. may result in fading or color transfer.
  • Be particularly careful to avoid your Yogibo coming into direct contact with light colored items.
  • Due to the characteristics of the fabric, there may be some fiber shedding.