Enjoying your Yogibo over many years

Step 1

Daily care

Step 2

If your Yogibo feels uncomfortable when sitting down

Step 3

For those who have loved their Yogibo for many years


Removing the Cover

The outer cover is made from a delicate material. Please be careful and follow the instructions below.

  • Wash in a net
  • Wash in cold water
  • Do not wash using a bleach product
  • Wash alone to prevent color transfer
  • Do not iron
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  • When washing the outer cover, set your machine to a cold water delicates cycle.
  • To prevent any damage, fold and put the cover into a washing net.
  • If you wash your Yogibo with any other clothes, there is a chance of color transfer.
  • Do not use bleaching products.
  • Handwashing is possible.
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    Due to the unique characteristics of the Yogibo’s outer cover fabric while it is recommended that this be dried on a low temperature in the dryer, if you don’t have a dryer, it can also be hung out to dry in a shady place.

    By using a dryer, Yogibo’s stretch technology will shrink it back into shape.

  • If you are using a dryer, make sure that it is set to low temperature. (60℃)
  • Do not use a gas-powered dryer.
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    Removing the outer cover

  • When topping up the beads, use the cone that was provided when you purchased your Yogibo product.
  • Unzip the outer cover. Hold up the zipper on the inner cover, stand it up and make a space for the new beads.
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    Opening the inner cover zipper

  • Hold up the zipper on the inner cover, stand it up and make a space for the new beads.
  • Using paper clips, hairpins or similar to secure the opening unzip to 15cm.
  • Insert the tip of the cone.
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    Topping up the beads

  • Top up your Yogibo’s beads with 2 or more people.
  • While one person holds the cone in place with both hands, have the other person pour the beads in.
  • Pour them in slowly so they don’t spill out.