Enjoying your Yogibo over many years

Yogibo products unlike traditional Beads sofas, provided that they are properly maintained, retain their seating comfort, firmness and elasticity, so that they can be enjoyed for a long time. Caring for your Yogibo at home is quite simple if you follow the daily care instructions below.


Washing the outer cover

After removing the outer cover wash and dry on a low temperature setting.
Our U.S patented special fabric technology means that your Yogibo product will shrink back to its original size and return to its original elasticity.

  • 1Removing the cover
    The outer cover is made from a delicate material. Please be careful and follow the instructions below.
    • Wash in a net
    • Wash in cold water
    • Do not wash using a bleach product
    • Wash alone to prevent color transfer
    • Do not iron
  • 2Washing
    • When washing the outer cover, set your machine to a cold water delicates cycle.
    • To prevent any damage, fold and put the cover into a washing net.
    • If you wash your Yogibo with any other clothes, there is a chance of color transfer.
    • Do not use bleaching products
    • Handwashing possible
  • 3Drying

    Due to the unique characteristics of the Yogibo’s outer cover fabric while it is recommended that this be dried on a low temperature in the dryer, if you don’t have a dryer, it can also be hung out to dry in a shady place.

    By using a dryer, Yogibo’s stretch technology will shrink it back into shape.

    • If you are using a dryer, make sure that it is set to low temperature. (60℃)
    • Do not use a gas-powered dryer


Changing over the outer cover

Replacing the outer cover is also another option.
Two covers are better than one as they can be interchanged whenever you feel uncomfortable with your Yogibo’s elasticity.
Two covers are recommended not just because they are interchangeable but by changing them you can create a whole new vibe in your living space.


Beads top up

Top up the beads from time to time. This will put the comfort and bounce back into your sofa.

  • 1Removing the outer cover
    • When topping up the beads, use the cone that was provided when you purchased your Yogibo product.
    • Unzip the outer cover. Hold up the zipper on the inner cover, stand it up and make a space for the new beads.
  • 2Opening the inner cover zipper
    • Hold up the zipper on the inner cover, stand it up and make a space for the new beads.
    • Using paper clips, hairpins or similar to secure the opening unzip to 15cm.
    • Insert the tip of the cone.
  • 3Topping up the beads
    • Top up your Yogibo’s beads with 2 or more people.
    • While one person holds the cone in place with both hands, have the other person pour the beads in.
    • Pour them in slowly so they don’t spill out.