Unique Fabric manufacturing method

Yogibo products’ most outstanding feature is their “Covers.” Unlike traditional Beads sofas, through utilizing their U.S patented innovative new technologies, the cover has the elasticity to provide 360° coverage to provide full body comfort and fit. Not only that Additionally, Yogibo products are sturdy enough so that standing on them or stretching them out isn't a no problem. Yogibo products’ covers with both their elasticity and strength which set them apart from other companies’ Beads sofas.


“Yogibo covers” unlike traditional Beads sofas use a special sewing technique. If your Yogibo becomes stretched out, with simple care, the fabric will shrink back and return to its original shape and elasticity. This means that with proper maintenance your Yogibo will keep providing comfort to you.

Wide variety

Yogibo is unique for its wide variety of sizes and colors, available in 35 colors. The Yogibo sofa series is available in 10 different sizes and shapes. This means that there is always a Yogibo product that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Assembled In the Singapore.

Our patented one-of-a-kind Beads sofas are assembled locally in the Singapore and shipped directly to you.