Yogibo provides optimum stress relaxation for users in this busy world.
Yogibo by sustainable recycling of profit back into society aims to contribute to a stress free social environment and is actively fulfilling its CSR through supporting cultural and entertainment events as well as SDGs.



In Korea, movie theaters with Yogibo seating have been attracting attention. Yogibos have not just been provided as theater seating but also in Yogibo lounge spaces in waiting areas so that patrons can experience Yogibo in many ways.

Cinemas throughout Korea in which Yogibo has been rolled out have become known as “Hot Places”.


museum silence dayKorea

Yogibo sofas have been laid out at the special exhibition program “Museum Silence Day”, “I draw: Nothing is better than drawing” at the popular D MUSEUM in Korea. Yogibo is happy to contribute to this popular and wonderful exhibition space where people can relax and fully concentrate on the exhibition.


Yogibo ZoneKorea

Yogibo Korea is the first company in the world to announce an exclusive area “the Yogibo Zone” in the Wonju DB Promy stadium. At the Wonju DB Promy stadium in the Yogibo Zone you can lie down in comfort while enjoying your favorite basketball games live. Yogibos have become a huge talking point among not just spectators at the DB Promy stadium but also one of the team’s star players Heo Ung.

In Korea, Yogibo has been creating Yogibo seating zones at major sporting stadiums, including those used for volleyball, baseball and basketball.
Yogibo is expanding in popularity as an item that allows you to sit back and relax while enjoying your favorite sporting events live.


Sensory RoomsUSA/Japan

Yogibo is expanding throughout the world as a brand that delivers relaxation and happiness to the global community.
Yogibo already has a proven track record within both the US and Japan of rolling out and introducing “Sensory Rooms” at NBA and NFL arenas, soccer stadiums and other venues, with the aim of creating a society where it is nothing special for everyone to be able to participate in sporting or other cultural events but where “This is a given!”

“Sensory Rooms” are calming and safe rooms where people with sensory sensitivity, whether having hearing or vision challenges, and their friends, family and carers can spend time.

They provide a space where even those that struggle with loud noises, bright lights or crowds can enjoy watching sports in a calming and relaxing environment.



Yogibo, as the title partner, has taken on a new challenge to support establishing Japan’s first women’s professional football league.

The WE (Women Empowerment) LEAGUE is based upon the philosophy that “WE LEAGUE promotes a society which allows everyone with a diversity of dreams and ways of living to individually shine through women’s football and other sports”. The WE LEAGUE is committed to promoting these initiatives to realize a gender free society in which everyone can shine and Yogibo is proud of the contribution that it can make as the title sponsor.

Yogibo hopes, that in cooperation with the WE LEAGUE, to contribute to a platform that will have a positive impact on society.



Yogibo has been participating in Japan’s premier SUPER GT racing in the “GT 300” class.
Yogibo through its participation in the “SUPER GT” not only gave a boost to the season, but also energized and fired up fans.


Originally launched in Japan in 1994 as the Japan GT Championship (JGCT), it was renamed the “SUPER GT” in 2005. Since that time while this has remained one of the most popular racing series in Japan, it has expanded globally with a number of events being held overseas. Considered to be one of the premier touring car races it attracts makers and brands from both within Japan and abroad with more than 100 local and international drivers taking part. It is one of the few large-scale motor sporting events that attracts a huge amount of attention worldwide.



Yogibo Japan in 2020, with a desire to revitalize events that have suffered as a result of the pandemic and based upon the theme of “Realizing a stress-free society”, became the title sponsor of the MMA competition RIZIN.

While originally RIZIN was viewed as a commercial promotion opportunity, with a far greater response from RIZIN fans than we could have expected, since 2021, as part of our fully fledged fan marketing activities, Yogibo has become the title sponsor.


Beach CinemaKorea

This outdoor event showcases how Yogibo can be enjoyed not just indoors but also outdoors! Held in Korea, the Ocean View Beach Cinema (Event name “Beach Cinema”), is an event where patrons can enjoy watching movies by the sea on their Yogibos and has received a great response.

It shows how just by putting down a Yogibo that a romantic or individual space can be created so that everyone can relax and enjoy watching movies, live music or other events outdoors.



Yogibo is the proud sponsor of TEDx events where a number of global celebrities appear. At these events which are held throughout Japan, the main stage is filled with Yogibos, so that many participants and the audience can enjoy the Yogibo experience.

While relaxing on a Yogibo, it is possible to enjoy an exciting time that’s good for both the mind and the body.


Comic conUSA/Korea

Yogibo is also actively involved at comic con, a hugely popular event that is held both in the US and Korea.
The “Yogibo Zone” was a hugely popular booth that enlivened the entire event.

-comic con??

“Comic con”, as an event focused on comic books, manga and the underlying culture, is an event where fans of the genre gather to interact with creators, illustrators and other likeminded people. These events are loved by comic book, manga fans. Some of them even come dressed up in their favorite “Cosplay” outfits.