Copy of Therapy

Messages to Yogibo.

“It is super dense and sturdy enough to take all Nick can dish out, which is a heck of a lot! It seems like money well spent as he can keep it for years to come, it makes him happy and I'm sure it's going to save the rest of our furniture.”

Autism Day by Day

“Yogibo is like a "giant-pillow-meets-bean-bag" mix and the immersive quality provides the compression input that our child needs.”


“I had the pleasure of going to the Yogibo store and the staff was very friendly and helpful. They even showed me how to stand up the pillow, then sit my child on the top, then grab my “Yogibo” on the sides to pick it up and gently shake so that my child sinks into the “Yogibo Midi” to achieve really comfy compression.”


“Yogibo is not just a range of products that our company should be promoting, Yogibo should have shares in our company. After all our company has so many Yogibo products!”


“I am in love with this bag and my girls love it too! It provides the sensory input to both calm them and also make them feel special. Their spirits are brighter and confidence improved. Trust me when I tell you this is better than Temple Grandin's hugging machine. It's soft but heavy enough and large enough so that when you lie on it, you feel full body pressure. (This has great benefits as an autism therapy.)”


“The Yogibo Max or Midi is a must have for autistic children.”


“For the past three days, it has been dragged, pulled, jumped on, rolled on, twisted, bent, piled name it-my kids have done it. My children have destroyed couches in less time than that.  But get this, it has held up. My Yogibo remains a cozy soft place for them to land when they need it. I highly recommend it, especially if you have kids like mine.”


“Yogibo has a great lineup of multipurpose products. More than that they are suitable for people of all ages! Whether you are snuggling on it, pushing or pulling it, punching it or jumping up and down on it, Yogibo is perfect not just to provide a sense of comfort but also to provide proprioceptive sense."


“It’s a massive Beads sofa chair/cushion that is just amazing for kids with sensory challenges like J. It was worth every dime and then some.”